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…Ever have an Eurika! moment?

September 27th, 2011

As the previous post shows my waste of time on  something trivial, this one is exhilarating! Eurika! I yell…

Cut a piece of 70mm sewer pipe that is 22mm high. Slid it over the lens assembly and fired up the projector…


In case you are wondering where I have gotten the Lee Filters from http://www.leefilters.com/lighting/contact/ and request a sample pack. The filters are fantastic for other uses!

WARNING! You should not look into the projected image – temporary or permanent blindness may occur.

Always consult and follow  your manufacturers user manual. If  you decide to disregard the manufacturers safety instructions…well, you are on your own. You have been warned. I take no responsibility nor am I liable for the stupidity of others!

I managed to get the image down to 30mm X 40mm WOOWWWW!

If you are not convinced look at the caliper…

You can see the Lee Filter information “(HT) * 027 MEDIUM RED” as to the wavelength the filter applies to.

If you are wondering how was I able to focus the image on such a small area, I had this little gem in my “Ebay” box. I remember buying one as a gift for someone, but cannot remember who. I was able to use it to photograph my fingerprints-see below:


I looked though the microscope and filter, and adjusted the focus until the little letters under the “DELL” logo are clear or focused, as far as my vision can tell.


Hope you have a great build day too!

E U R E K A !

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  1. November 8th, 2011 at 08:17 | #1

    How are you I really find useful your blog. I linked to your WordPress blog on my website about the PSP 3000 so my readers will check out your site hopefully.

  2. MikeJ
    December 6th, 2011 at 05:48 | #2

    ” 30mm X 40mm WOOWWWW!”
    On a SXGA+ projector, that’s a about a .029 mm pixel width!
    That’s great x-y resolution, but what do you see as your practical x-y table size?
    .1mm pixel size would give you 105mm x 140mm max part size, do you think that’s reasonable?

    • Printer
      December 6th, 2011 at 16:26 | #3

      Hi Mike, I shifted the lens forward and the size of the build area is about 45mm x 62mm or 0.043mm (43 microns) for now. Once I have it all working I can easily unscrew 3 x M2.5′s and add 5mm standoff posts and get the ~0.02857mm (28.5 microns) … in X and Y and 0.025 in Z. To answer I do not see a fixed practical table size. If I remove the standoffs, I’m back at the 0.1mm resolution.

  3. April 5th, 2012 at 02:30 | #4

    Hi there!!! First congrats on the blog, it is fantastic.. I have a couple of questions for you… First one, you switched your projector’s lens right? Got the new ones from ebay? How do I know if I can do that in my projector, and what should I look for on ebay?

    Second, you can get 28.5 micron, wow!!! That is awesome!!! Did you switch your projector lamp too?

    Can’t resume my questions to only 3 , can I talk to you on email ? Please email me muringa182 at gmail.com

    Thanks man


    • Printer
      April 9th, 2012 at 00:08 | #5

      Hi Henrique,
      I have not switched lenses, just moved it out of the housing a bit. I have not switched lamps either. It is a consequence of the lens being moved forward.

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