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More Silicone Vat tests

November 11th, 2011

Hey All,

I had another round of the testing bug last night. I decided to play with a 5mm thick soda-lime glass base and a silicone coated microscope slide.

The results are a shapeless blob, that began as a heart from Dymax 9663 test VAT.  I stuck a screw in the resin and put it on top of the heart and placed it in the light. It embedded the nail in the heart.  Placed a few drops of the resin on the silicone coated slide and:

moved the heart ( blob ) up and down in 5 sec intervals.

I moved the resin around and it because of the resinophobic (new word in the dictionary – NOT! 8 google results – bummer!) nature of the silicone, the resin forms a round drop again.


I saw no ill effects from the resin, from the heat of polymerization and from cleaning with a paper towel and Isopropyl alcohol. The two defects on the silicone are my doing while trying to separate the nylon from the slide too early before the silicone is fully cured (which took 2-3 days @ room 22 degrees C ). Below are pictures of the clean slide:

The blue light caustics in the middle picture are from the Dell Shutdown screen of the projector.

More to come…

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