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New all glass VAT

December 11th, 2011

That time of the year for a new VAT again.

After some calculations a few posts back I realized I will have to add resin midway if I print a larger object, hence the current post and need for a bigger VAT.

If you need to print a smaller item, the VAT may prove too big, but you can always drop a block of 70mm x 90mm x 10mm glass and use less resin.

This time it is all glass with a bit of 100% silicone.


1- 200mm x 150mm 5mm soda lime glass ( regular window ).

2- 200mm x 20mm x5mm of the above.

2-100mm x 20mm x5mm  of the above above.

Mark the location of the walls lightly with permanent marker.

Spread some silicone on the bottom edge and the side edges and repeat on all 4 sides.

Use some tape to hold the glass in place after you glue it. Leave it undisturbed at least overnight.

I slid out the glass window, but left the aluminum rails and inserted the new VAT and tightened the grub screws.



Perfect fit!


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  1. Brian Stott
    February 9th, 2012 at 01:16 | #1

    Your VAT looks sexy. I see Michael’s is aluminum? with a glass base? Do you see any drawbacks to going easier and safer without all glass? Did you go all glass to make it easier to wash/clean or some other reason?

    • Printer
      February 9th, 2012 at 10:18 | #2

      Hi Brian, I would go with a lot of different materials and setups if I have access to a lathe or a mill, but this project is more of a what I can find in a hardware store, a few hand tools a bench-top drill press.
      The only elements that were cut on a CNC router are the “Build Base” plexi and the VAT plexi, but I could have done it at home like the glass VAT pieces, just did not have the time to make. I did not want to risk having the VAT shatter and ooze resin all over the projector and that is why I made the new one from Plexi. I see no drawbacks or advantages (that I can measure at home ) over using one or the other. It is only as a safety measure that I switched to Plexi.

      I wish for a mill with a divider head, a lathe and a small garage to put them in. You hear me up there?

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