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Sorry, but “Comments” have been disabled temporarily.

June 27th, 2013 No comments

Hi Everyone,
In an attempt to stop moderating 1000+ spam comments every day, I have disabled them temporarily.

I’ll see about a Captcha code on the comments page.

Those who need to contact me, please use Youtube personal messages with e-mail addresses for reply.

Please understand that if I am away for 3-4 days ( 5000-6000 unmoderated comments ), my provider locks my database and I have to call them, wait to get it released and delete the comments directly from the database ( overall a time consuming process ) until under a 1000.

You can also reach me on the Yahoo Group

Thank You for the understanding temporarily.

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WIP Flash Curing Resin Printed Objects.

January 13th, 2013 3 comments

Happy New Year to ALL!

Long time no updates.  Guilty, but, BUT Here is a WIP Flash curing hardening of the resin printed objects:




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Adhesive backing FEP Teflon film

March 4th, 2012 13 comments

Hi all and again thanks to Ahmet ( from the Yahoo group )for sending a sample to me.
I have tested extensively the Adhesive backing FEP Teflon and am abandoning that
route for now. It seems to have the same problem as straight
polycarbonate/nylon/Polyethylene. It is difficult to separate the resin ( at
least mine )without it actually coming off the glass base. You could be using a
different resin with different results, but for my purposes it does not work.


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