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Pictures of the VAT tilt slide.

August 12th, 2011 No comments

It is a little known fact, that the Imperial 10-32 bolts and the M5 Metric bolts are very close to each other,  some people call them “Compatible”. So I have managed to secure the stepper with a M5 bolts in the NEMA23 motor mount. Bolts are M5 x12 “Inbus” (Allen Head) motor mounting and M5 x 25 (the  black ones) are for slide to frame.

And of course the VAT tilt slide photos,and the proof of the above statement:


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Pictures of the Z axis

August 12th, 2011 2 comments

Once I have a “Clean slate” to build on, might as well use it for some photos:

Z axis THK KR2001a-0200L


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Build Base

August 12th, 2011 1 comment

Welcome to the build log for a 3 DLP rinter.Without further ado we begin.
I like to always start a project with a cleanup of the build table, organizing my tools, have something to write with and onto. It helps me clear my head and refocus on the subject at hand.For this project I had in mind to lay a granite surface plate I had, but it proved a little too small for the job.
Looking for alternatives, I landed at a porcelain stoneware floor tiles 60cmX 60cm (24″ x 24″ ). They have a flatness from manufacturer of 0.1mm/m, giving me about 60 microns flatness overall.

Stoneware Tile









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