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Z-axis Mounting

November 16th, 2011 No comments

So it continues… I just can’t leave this one to the laws of gravity.

I did not find M3 or M3.5 Inbus (Allen head) in the local hardware shops, so …

Found these 3mm x 10mm screws. They are 2,1mm between the threads, so picked a 2.4mm drill bit.

Used my cordless drill turning it slowly so no metal chips end on the ball screws of the slide.

Since the slide is 40mm wide and the aluminum extrusions are too, I just used a couple of clamps to hold it in place.

Try to drill in the center to be able to have a 0.3~0.5 mm play for adjustments.

I placed it on the flat marble plate and tightened the screws.

Wiring is next and I feel a video coming up in the next couple of weeks.


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Z-axis Returns…

November 15th, 2011 2 comments

I have been testing resin and beautifying the printer, BUT I need to do some useful work. Say “Hello” to the:

For those that have good memory it might seem familiar.

Just a simple bolt on job. A lot of things have not been as easy as this in a while.

1. Take a NEMA17 bipolar motor.

2. Find a motor mount ( flange is 42mm x 42mm with bolt pattern 31mmx31mm ) for NEMA17 ( I begged A LOT a friend of mine that was once going to build a CNC Mini Mill, but ended up only a “Spinner” ).

3. Bolt the motor to the flange and file down the bolts of the motor to be flush with flange.

4. Source a 4mm x 5mm motor coupler from Ebay and secure it to the motor shaft (5mm)

5. Get 4  M3 x 16mm bolts and bolt the flange with motor onto the THK linear.

6. Carefully place the linear and motor on the upright and stand back.

7. Admire the work you’ve done. Now try to source M3.5 Imbus ( allen head ) bolts.

The pictures are in a new shade of pink – my wife likes them better that way. Right! Until I get back my camera from my wife I’ll use an old Sony with the “pink” bug. Hope the female audience will be attracted to the project because of it.




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Another correction – Steppers

August 23rd, 2011 1 comment

After some calculation as to the calculator for bolt torque I came up with an almost unbelievable small amount of torque needed for the Z axis steppers.  It is amazing how efficient a screw mechanism can be. So,to lift 10 lb, I only need 0.5 lb/in or 8 oz/in torque (0.5  lb / in = 8 oz / in). Similar goes for the VAT tilt, but adding to that gravity and I did not even make an effort to calculate it, I have just used lower spec motors that follow:

a 25 to 35 oz/in ( estimated by comparison – could not find docs for this particular model ) from a printer

no idea what this stepper is rated at (estimate is about 70 oz/in) , but if it fails for the task I will replace with the 180 oz/in on hand.


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