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Lens Assembly Spacers. Eureka! Revisited…

September 30th, 2011 No comments

Here are the instructions for making the Lens Assembly Spacers:


300mm X 75mm ( 1 ft X  2.95″ or 3″ pipe )  PVC Drain or Sewage Pipe.

Your projector might need a different size, but the procedure might be the same.


Mark and cut a 22mm and 15mm spacers .


Sand over 80 and 150 grit sandpaper laid on a flat surface, and check for uniform width.


Slide over the body of the Lens and cut little notches (see above picture with the glass) where the little bolt heads are in the way of the spacer:

Replace the Lens Assembly and try to focus and adjust the zoom.

I will be securing the Lens Assembly with 25mm X 2.5mm (for the 15mm Spacer ring)  or 30mm X 2.5mm (for the 22mm Spacer ring) bolt.

For now it is still in the unsecured state, since I am experimenting with different settings.

Be Safe around cutting tools and knifes!


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August 12th, 2011 9 comments

Ok, here is the tools needed and assembly of the frame:

Preferably a quality socket 13mm ratchet driver (Craftsman):

A flat surface (Yes, there was a reason for the Faux Granite stoneware tile and the clean-up of  my workbench) Check!

The first two joined together!

It is a little harder than 80/20 Extrusions, because the bolts and nuts travel in a slot cut into the brackets(gussets).

OK! This is starting to look weird?! I think I’ve seen this before. Maybe its Deja-vu.

Does anyone recognize this? Anyone?


Of course there is a reason for all this! If I choose to get parts from JR, they will still be compatible.

As I don’t have access to a full machine shop, I prefer to keep everything store bought with minimal modification.

The dimensions are a little different, but the top build area should be easily adaptable.

It is a strange feeling to see this all done in about a half an hour (excluding the time to stop and take pictures). With any other frame I would have had to fit, mount and measure, and cut, and fit and measure and so on.

I have, on purpose,  extended the projector horizontal mount (X axis if you will) travel a lot. It can accommodate a wide range of projectors if I choose to change it at some point.


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