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VAT Frame cont.

September 14th, 2011 1 comment

This, I hope to be a fairly good VAT frame idea, otherwise it is back to the bathroom… LOL


7.5mm x 1mm  – “U”-shape aluminum extrusion -  1 meter long

15.3mm x 27mm x 1.5mm – “L”-shape aluminum extrusion – 1 meter long

15.3mm x 27mm x 1.5mm – “U”-shape aluminum extrusion – 1 meter long

21.5mm x 25.4mm glass shelf holder – look for one with inside measurements (8.2mm) for 8mm glass – 4 pcs

Assorted springs for your flying-spring-eye-poking pleasure in multiples of 4.

The 7.5mm x 1mm U-shape extrusion has an inside measurement of around 6mm – perfect for my Borosilicate glass VAT floor of 5.5mm. The glass holders have hex grub screws that will hold the 7.5 profile with the glass.

This is how it will look when assembled:

Just to remind you what the render looks like – In white this time. Wooow! Uuuu! Aaahhh!:



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First Stab at VAT Holder and Tilt

September 14th, 2011 No comments

This was a productive weekend. I was struck by a fantastic idea while in the bathroom. Yes! In the bathroom I get the best ones. LOL

Took a screwdriver and headed in. My 1/2 was scared what was going to happen. HACKING! -of course, what else!

Later after a test fit I repaired the damage done and all is well with the fixtures.

See below render and picture:

Next comes the BOM and more pics.



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A small frame correction

August 16th, 2011 No comments

After some consideration I have made a small correction in the corner (gussets) bracket location.

As you can see the bracket that holds the cross-member rail for the projector was moved to the top. I have discovered some flex in the joint and it was eliminated that way.

Also, as seen in the picture above, I moved the bracket from the outside to the inside, facing the projector, giving me longer movement of the projector all around.

To get a little more maneuvering room under the projector I raised the entire frame on 4 bolts ( like stilts), but you can use other, equal height pieces you find around the house.


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