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When its time for Build Base, It’s Build Base Time!

December 6th, 2011 No comments

Famous quote from a carpet commercial, but adapted…

So, time has come to build the base.
The most common plastic I was able to find was HDPE cutting board:

I cut 2 pieces:

5.5cm x 7cm and 7cm x 9cm:

Stack and clamp for drilling: with the L-bracket:

On the underside I needed to make a countersink for the M8 x 30 bolt head:

Then drill as many holes with an M6 and use an M8 on the side opposite of the countersink for the M8 (top) to create countersinks that will be filled with BLACK silicone and a 7cm x 9cm x 10mm glass will be:

It should end up looking like this from the glass side (bottom):

Let the HDPE and glass sandwich sit for 3~4 days without disturbing it. I know the silicone will not stick too well to HDPE, but it is only for testing.

I might have to remake the build base.

Time to drill the L-bracket for the two M8 bolts and the M3 bolts that will hold the build base to the THK Linear block:

I used M3 x 8mm slot bolts. I could not readily find Inbus (Allen head)  M3. All the local hardware shops stock from M4 up.

The end result will look like this:


Seems to be stuck well, but the question is : Will it come undone under the forces needed to lift the cured resin off the VAT?

We shall see.




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It Helps to Complain and run a Blog.

October 21st, 2011 1 comment

After 5 weeks I have received my CNC cut borosilicate glass for the VAT floor. If you want to read about it…Small post here

With the borosilicate I ordered 10mm soda-lime build base Z axis glass. Green glass compared to Borosilicate below:

It is clear why it is called “green” glass. Here are some more comparison shots 5.5mm Borosilicate vs 5mm soda-lime:

When I cleaned the borosilicate glass it was like looking through air! Amazing!

The glass was one of my major components. From here I can mount the VAT tilt, the Z Axis height and VAT tilt linear slide.

I also have some small resin samples ( 10ml ) coming in next week from Dymax.

I will experiment with the regular Soda lime vs Borosilicate and let you know.



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Revisited VAT Holder and Tilt

September 30th, 2011 3 comments

So, Here is the finished revisited VAT Holder and tilt:

This is my 150mm X 150mm regular Soda-Lime green glass test piece ( until my borosilicate 5.5mm glass arrives ).

Slide the Aluminum extrusion profile from the BOM of the VAT Frame Cont. post and First Stab at VAT… over the edge and:

Secure the Glass with the help of the Hex grub screws of the Glass Shelf Holders.

Leave some spacing for a bracket that will be hooked up to the VAT tilt linear slide and motor.

Take some measurements and draw a horizontal line on the L-shape profile from the BOM:

Keep the aluminum and glass holders tight and leveled parallel to the L-shape profile.

I am using 4mm bolts (they will be cut to length later), so drill with 4.2mm bit. This leaves some room for adjustments ( about 0.3mm ) in all directions.

Once both sides are done line them up and tighten slightly. Use some soft foam (or thin rubber strips, or folded paper etc.) to pad the glass in the aluminum profile. Be careful not to break the glass. Place it on a flat surface (see Build Base ) and level.

I will choose one of these three springs based on trial and error:

First is stiff, second is soft and springy, third is a little short and stiff. The washers are M4 – 18mm X 1mm.

Done! Have a productive day!

P.S. Wear eye protection when working. Be safe!