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Bosch-Rexroth Goodies

August 12th, 2011 26 comments

The aluminium (or aluminum)extrusions and the service from Bosch – Rexroth proved no less than pure perfection! I have received the extrusions cut to size within 0.1mm or better and packaged well. I have received exactly what I ordered, on time (was quoted 3 workdays) in 2 workdays. There were no missing parts, wrong parts or defective parts. Yes, a little expensive, but all worth it when comparing the prospects of finding a welder, cutting, machining, priming, painting, wrong sizes, redo’s etc.

Plastic End caps and Corner Brackets(gussets).

Whoaa! Shiny stuff! Put on your sunglasses before clicking!

BOM of the extrusions:

#1(one pictured)     9pcs. of 420мм – Extrusion 40х40 L – for the frame and one for the projector

#2,#3,#4,#5      4pcs. of 400мм – Extrusion 40х40 L – for the corners

#6     1pcs. of  320мм – Extrusion 40х40 L – for the VAT crossmember

#7    1pcs. of  305мм – Extrusion 40х40 L – for the Z axis THK KR20

#8,#9    2pcs. of  160мм – Extrusion 40х40 L – for the projector X movement

#10    1pcs. of  105мм – Extrusion 40х40 L – for the VAT tilt LS3-1 mount



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