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RTFM I always hear – Stepper Drivers

November 20th, 2011 No comments

Yes! I have read it and it is much easier ( even easier if you have used IMS drivers before ).

A little bit of temporary wiring to make sure the Stepper drivers even work.

Make sure you read the manual of your stepper and calculate the max Amps per winding. If it is nor marked use V=I*R and solve it for your own case.

After that a little housekeeping and tidying up the wiring:

All is working! Meaning – no smoke came out of anywhere and nothing smelled funny.

Be safe around electricity!


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Stepper Motor Drivers

August 13th, 2011 No comments

And speaking of the drivers:

I have chosen the IMS drivers for their reliability, simplicity, size and characteristics .  I already have them in my CNC mini mill and am content. I have worked with them before at a CNC machine shop.

I had used all 4 IM483 and only had exactly 2 IM804 left. The 804 can handle higher input voltage ( 24V to 75V ) and output current is at 4A RMS.

For those who are familiar with the IM804: Yeah, I know it is overkill, but for the fact that I did not have to spend more money, they will do the job nicely. BTW: IMS was acquired by Schneider Electric a few years back –


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