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X-axis mounted

November 20th, 2011 No comments

As you know I’m using the DELTRON Linear LRS3-1. It is wider than the Bosch frame ( 40mm ) and it is not in the center of the printer. I have mounted it with only two of the 4 bolts.  Loosen the two nuts and slide the X axis extrusion straight down. Clamp you slide and mark, and drill your pilot holes. Drill with 4.5mm drill bit and tap with a 5mm thread. I used a 20mm Inbus to bolt it to the extrusion and fasten it to the frame.


Ok, I’ll do this  to save another post with corrections:

I replaced the motor that is in the above pictures with another I had on hand:

The reason being, that last night when I hooked up the stepper drivers it was underpowered and stalled after numerous attempts to tune the motors. Also after a brief period of correct tuning I tested  some macro in Mach3 and the motor got very hot, very quick. So it was not meant to be.

The new one performed perfectly right off the start.



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First Projector Image Size Test

September 7th, 2011 1 comment

Ahoy! After a well deserved vacation, I push on…

After my initial tests with an Acer x1130 and 52mm Hoya Macro lens, I have ordered some 72mm Macro Lens from Ebay.

Here they are a 72mm +1 +2 +4 +10.

You can see they are white with a slight bluish tint, but far from the cheap green glass lens and magnifiers that look like a coke bottom glass.


Whoops! A little teaser from my next post.





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