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First Fully Printed Object

January 18th, 2012 7 comments

I know I made an announcement and here is the start:

This is the first completely printed object at @43 microns in X and Y. The Z resolution is @25 microns.

The first layer of the base is 200 microns and 9 more layers @ 100 microns @ 8 seconds exposure to over cure the resin so it sticks to the glass better.

The time it took to print it is 2h 45m. It has about 1250 layers including the base, so speed is about 15mm per hour @25 microns.

There is a slight elongation defect since NO vertical compensation was applied and I need more supports. The moment that the inner supports started printing
there is a stair step like defect.

It is smooth to the touch and as strong as the plastic from the videos.

It has not been post-cured. I took it off the printer and dropped it in Ethanol 95% – “Spiritus Aethylicus” – and stirred it around. After 10 min it was squeaky clean AND Disinfected LOL.

Went to bed last night @02:00 leaving this:

Only to wake up @6:30 with a result like so:

There are absolutely no problems with the New Build Base ( there will be a post about it ). It held strong and did not see any flex.

Once I scraped the excess resin off and wiped most residue off it looks like this:

In the aethanol 95% it goes for 10 min whirl around. I used a small glass jar I had around.


Here are the macro photos:

A close up of the slices:

Here is the link to the album with different photos:

3DLPrint – Ring Album

Hope you come back soon for more…


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November 6th, 2011 4 comments

Yeah with the title I pretty much gave it away!

I had the VAT Tilt with a borosilicate glass and placed some of the Lee Filter samples.

My Heart’s On Fire!

I placed a nylon film that did not stick to silicone ( from previous posts ).  Focused an image and put a few drops of resin on the slides. Placed it on the filter and slid it fast from underneath the slide. I am cooking now – there is smoke. This polymerization is an exothermic reaction. I was stunned at the sight of something forming in the resin, so much so that I let whole 20 second pass by. The result?!:

And the Grand Finale ( watch out – lots of pictures ):

That is cured resin in rubbing alcohol 97%.

There is a pin for scale that was not printed on the printer obviously!


Until we meet again…



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