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Itching to publish!

November 29th, 2011 6 comments

Here it is! The VAT Tilt test X-axis. Did only a few layers, but watch the VAT tilting:

Good Night for me and Good Morning to the other side of the planet!

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VAT-Tilt connection

November 29th, 2011 No comments

It is one of the least, but not last thing left to do. The VAT to Tilt to X axis connection.

This is going to be long. Time me if you want. Start:

Mark 7mm from each sideĀ  ( you can pick another number as long as it is a sacred one ).
Drill with M4 bit and a vacuum cleaner at this point to avoid getting chips in unwanted places and shortening something.

Assembled an L shape bracket with a bolt like so:

Cut 2 x M4 threaded rod pieces in 125mm lengths:

Assemble the rods and L shape into:

Bend the rods to be perpendicular to the Meccano piece:

Now attach the Meccano piece with some M5 Inbus:

I had to recenter my X- axis to be in the center of the rods.

Finally bolt together, tighten and adjust with top lock nuts.


Phew! That was a fast one. Took me longer to stop and take photos, than to actually assemble.



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Final VAT Tilt ( I promise…maybe ).

November 5th, 2011 No comments

As the title states I cannot promise, that I will not revisit this subject again and end up revising it.

I had made some test assembly until I was certain that it will fit and my measurements are correct.

BOM : look at link below:

This list has been published before.

So lets get on with the pictures:

This is how the finished assembly will look like! I know you have heard it before, but in this case it is true. These are shots of the springs:

Follow the pics of the tilt travel ( for now, I may rework that ):

From what you can see – Yes, there is only 5mm of travel. :-(

The image above is shot from below to see the positioning of the VAT relative to the projector.

See ya later ( in only a few moments )…



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